K1 Visa for just a Fiance of a United States Citizen & K3 Visa for the Husband or wife of a Us Resident

Some of the popular visas is the K visa. The K-1 Visa ideal for a fiancé of the America Citizen and therefore the K-3 visa is designed for a spouse or husband of your U.S. Citizen.

Ok , i'll explain the numerous requirements and benefits to all.

K1 Visa - Fiancé of USA Resident

The K1 Visa allows the fiancé on the U.S. resident to journey to the USA & marry their own United States resident sponsor within 3 months of arrival.

To meet the requirements an entity must have met his fiancé in the past two years and will demonstrate the existence of a bona fide relationship. Furthermore, past recent photos with the couple together can be required.

• The petitioner needs to be a USA citizen;

• You need to demonstrate a proper intention to marry your fiancé after she arrives in the United States , and should marry within 3 months of entering the United States;

• Both petitioner and fiancé are free of charge to marry and any previous marriages have to have been finished by divorce, death or annulment.

In addition, the alien fiancé will need to have an internationally passport and should file for adjustment of status in the process.

Benefits and Privileges for K1 Visa are highlighted below:

The alien fiancé may work in America but must have a work authorization permit with the United States Resident and Immigration Services agency.

Children of fiancé under the age of 21 are allowed to enter America beneath a K-2 non-immigrant visa.

Some Alert to the candidate:

Generally if the fiancé and petitioner usually do not marry throughout the 3 months period required, then, the fiancé status automatically expires and can't be given. The fiancé must leave the United States at the end of a 90-day period if you have no marriage. If the fiancé fails to depart the U. S. , then he or she was in violation on the USA immigration laws and could result in removal proceedings.

K3 Visa - Spouse of United States Resident

The K-3 visa consists of the wife or husband from a U.S. citizen to get into the USA & shorten the separation time between spouses. The candidate who marries a US citizen must apply for the K3 visa in the nation while the marriage taken place.

Eligibility and Needs for K3 Visa are listed below:

• The petitioner needs to be a USA citizen in the foreign national wife or husband.

• The foreign spouse has to be residing outside the United States

• The foreign wife or husband need to be seeking to get into the US to await the provision associated with the immigrant visa

• The petitioner of your U.S. resident husband or wife require already filed an immigrant petition which can be currently pending

Advantages & Privileges for K3 Visa are listed below:

• The foreign husband or wife may are employed in the United States but must get a work authorization permit using the America Resident & Immigration Services agency;

• The foreign husband or wife may reside when using the United States family while awaiting the approval from the immigrant visa petition;

• The foreign wife or husband may travel inside and outside the U.S. for brief trips

• The foreign spouse or husband may study inside the U.S.

A K-3 visa is valid for two year period, and can be given for another a couple of years, where the candidate may declare adjustment of status to have permanent legal USA citizen. In relation to both these K Visas, the K2 Visa is reserved for children of K1 fiances and the K4 Visas is available for the children of K3 spouses. Children are recipients of your K-Visa applicants and ready to continue in the United States as you move the parent is within valid K1 or K3 status or adjustment of status is pending. Obviously visas, every one has specific guidelines and processing guidelines that should be followed. You need to consult a legal counsel in the proper handling of Consulate packets and federal administrative processing.

fiance visa

fiance visa
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